An army vet surprises netizens with his eye-catcher

An army vet surprises netizens with his eye-catcher


Army veteran-turned-artist Ced Da Vinchi sells his artworks that represent urban culture. Inspired by iconic films of the 80’s and 90’s, his painting is readily embraced by art lovers.

Ced Da Vinchi, one of the most sought-after artists, is becoming an internet sensation. The artist is heavily inspired by the aesthetics of the 80’s and 90’s, which is reflected in his artworks. Born in the 90’s, Ced Da Vinchi served in the Army for three years but unfortunately had to retire early due to an injury. The young artist’s never-ending urge wanted him to do something unusual. Ced Da Vinchi didn’t want to sit idle at home and waste his time playing video games.

This boredom motivated him to start his journey as an artist during the Covid-19 outbreak. Ced Da Vinchi positioned itself in a unique sub-niche. The digital art he creates portrays artists and still from the most iconic films of urban culture. This unique style of recreating all those memorable moments in the form of digital art drew the crowds. No wonder he had 3 million views on his tick tock and Instagram.

The essential characteristics of Ced Da Vinchi’s work are:

– Representation of urban culture

– Memorable, funny and inspirational stills from the movies of the 80’s and 90’s

– The artwork is available in the form of canvas prints, posters, phone cases, shower curtains, carpets, etc

Ced Da Vinchi has achieved many milestones in a short span of time, such as collaborating with several celebrities and participating in the popular podcast, The 85 South Show. Ced Da Vinchi’s artworks are sold through his website:

About the company:

Ced Da Vinchi is an Army veteran and artist. His artworks mainly represent 80’s and 90’s aesthetics and urban culture. Ced Da Vinchi’s content and graphics have gone viral across the internet.

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