How to get little kids in the kitchen

How to get little kids in the kitchen


Whether you’re teaching a middle school student or a toddler some cooking skills, it’s always important to start small. This guide is just the perfect know-it-all to get you started. Before long, you’ll be enjoying the tasty dish your little budding chef is serving you.

Teaching your child to cook is much more than a cooking class. It’s connection. You are actually strengthening your bond with the child. Additionally, as the child learns more about food and variety of choices, they will also be in a better position to make healthier food choices.

We’ve rounded up some expert tips for parents of all budding little chefs. These can be some general principles before you pat your child on the way to the kitchen door.

Prepare to be a cooking coach

Your job here is not that of a teacher. It is important that you realize that you would rather take on a coaching role here. You want the child to be in the right frame of mind before they don their apron for a kitchen adventure. Also, don’t give them the food or utensils in the kitchen.

The children must be able to carry out the work independently. That’s the only way they learn. Let them do it themselves. You must have confidence in the child’s ability to work in the kitchen. Before you start, you want to be sure that you are only working as a trainer.

Be very explicit about directions

You must be very explicit when submitting these instructions. The kids in your kitchen are not at your level or even junior level. They need to be reminded of the basics of kitchen hygiene.

Plus, you want them to have meticulously memorized all safety protocols before operating ovens, sandwich makers, and more. Children are likely to make mistakes. So it’s important to break the guide down into easily digestible little instructions.

According to Dorothy Champagne, co-founder of Catering with Champagne, “Be sure to be specific. You don’t want the child to have information overload. That would only…


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