Hong Kong wants to turn the maritime sector into a hub in Asia

Hong Kong wants to turn the maritime sector into a hub in Asia


The Hong Kong government has long-term plans for the Hong Kong maritime industry, the government is trying to position the industry as a hub in Asia to create more business opportunities for Hong Kong and Asia as a continent.

on the 21stSt November 2022 saw the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Maritime Week 2022 (HKMW 2022), a major annual maritime and port industry event in Hong Kong. This event brought together industry leaders, government officials and academics in both physical and online settings.

The Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board (HKMPB) presented Hong Kong to the rest of the world as an attractive location for doing business related to the maritime industry at HKMW 2022 through various events spread over a single week. The event informs the community about the Contributions that Hong Kong’s port and marine sectors have made to the city’s economy.

A pre-recorded speech was played during the opening ceremony in which Chief Executive Mr. John Lee remarked: “The National 14th Five-Year Plan prioritises maintaining Hong Kong’s position as a leading international maritime hub. These include the development of high value-added maritime services to better integrate Hong Kong into the overall growth of our nation, and in particular the role Hong Kong will play in creating a world-class port cluster. In my keynote speech last month, I emphasized that we will fully leverage our position as a high value-added service center and major hub in the Asia-Pacific region. This will be achieved by making full use of our position.”

Mr. Lam Sai-hung, Chairman of HKMPB and Secretary of Transport and Logistics, presided over the opening ceremony and delivered the following speech: “Maintaining the economic vitality of the marine cluster is of paramount importance. The government is committed…

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