An intuitive approach: A breath of fresh air

An intuitive approach: A breath of fresh air


It’s safe to say that The Intuitive Approach is exactly what the health and weight loss market needs. The perspective is fresh. The product is unique. It sorts out the real science and instead of focusing on what’s being eaten, it gets to the root cause of the problem by focusing on the psychology. It’s no secret that people in the developed world are getting fatter and fatter every year, and the program gets to the heart of why that is. Plus, it offers a practical solution without sacrificing life’s greatest pleasures.

The site claims that it “is not necessary to change your diet.” Instead, it addresses a person’s psychology with action. This premise proves interesting, and it’s clear that it really works when you look at the before and after photos from previous clients. The company claims it’s like a nutritionist, personal trainer, and life coach all rolled into one. Additionally, a notable aspect of the program is that it offers an exit strategy, with a strong emphasis on lasting change once weight loss is achieved. A novel concept that so many others fail to address. For the price, The Intuitive Approach certainly more than delivers.

The Basic Program is a 6 week course that offers a full money back guarantee if major weight loss is not achieved. For a product to hold its place, especially in the weight loss arena, it has to be worth a second look.

According to the site, it includes all literature in both ebook and audiobook format, a downloadable app with daily exercises that vary both “at home” and “at the gym,” weekly “trainer messages” that are also expressed as timed messages from its creator Justin Nejbauer to provide meaningful motivation when it’s needed most, and a few other bonuses that seem to be there just to sweeten the deal.

With so many still holding on…


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