Culture Cannabis teams up with Tough Mama and Mistifi to help

Culture Cannabis teams up with Tough Mama and Mistifi to help


Culture Cannabis Club & Cannabistry’s brands, Tough Mama & Mistifi, will be raising food donations for Serve The People, a local Southern California nonprofit, November 23-27.

IRVINE, CA – November 23, 2022 – (

23-27 November, Culture Cannabis ClubThe five local retail pharmacies work with leading brands tough mom and Misty to help raise much needed food donations for local charities’serve the people.

To encourage donations, Tough Mama, known for his hilarious antics and badass carts, blunts and drinks, is sponsoring a giveaway of award-winning sister brand Mistifi of a 1g solvent-free cartridge, normally priced at $39, for just 1 dollars for every customer who donates groceries or purchases a Tough Mama product.

You can get the details of all the promotions that Culture Cannabis Club is running from November 23rd to 27th here.

“Culture, Tough Mama and Mistifi wanted to reward people for their generosity this Thanksgiving by treating them to something very special,” said Chasom Brown, VP of Sales at Culture Cannabis Club.

Serve The People provides physical, mental, emotional and mentoring to those in need, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or gender.

“Tough Mama shares the same equity values ??as ‘Serve The People’ who do inspirational work and we’re thrilled to have found a way to help,” said Dan Einzig, Chief Brand Officer for Cannabistry, Tough Mama’s parent company and mistifi .

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