Amsterdam Dental Group introduces same-day dental implants

Amsterdam Dental Group introduces same-day dental implants


Amsterdam Dental Group is pleased to announce that they now offer same-day dental implants at their Philadelphia and Main Line offices. Our practice specializes in the most revolutionary procedure in implantology, ie All on 4 dental implants. This procedure allows for the complete replacement of an entire jaw with only 4 dental implants. For most patients, this is a much more practical, sensible, and affordable alternative to full arch or full mouth implant restorations. All our doctors approach each case individually and treatment plans are created based on the individual needs of each patient.

The initial consultation includes a comprehensive examination, a cone beam CT scan (CBCT) and digital impressions of the patient’s upper and lower jaw. At the next visit, any remaining teeth will be removed, implants placed, and temporary teeth attached to the newly placed implants. After this Dental implants on the same day surgical appointment, a healing time of 3 months is required to allow for complete healing. During this time, patients have fixed (non-removable) dentures for chewing and smiling. After healing, impressions of the implants are then made for a permanent all-ceramic restoration.

The all-on-four dental implant treatment concept is faster and less invasive than the traditional approach to full arch implant reconstruction. Another benefit is that patients no longer need to wear a removable denture after tooth extraction. Same day dental implants in Philadelphia are offered by our leading dentists and surgeons who have specialized training in periodontology and prosthodontics. All of our doctors are trained through Penn Dental Medicine’s world-renowned periodontal prosthodontics program and have years of experience in dental surgery, restorative dentistry and implant dentistry.

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