Rose Garden Consulting implements sales program to help get

Rose Garden Consulting implements sales program to help get


Using behavioral economics and sales expertise, Rose Garden Consulting shortens the sales cycle and increases conversions for sales teams, while allowing owners and founders to focus on other parts of the business.

Atlanta, Georgia – (Newsfile Corp. – November 16, 2022) – Rose Garden, an Atlanta, Georgia-based sales consulting firm, has begun implementing its new sales program aimed at building a high-performing in-house sales team and removing founder owners out of the sales process and allow them to focus on scaling their business. The team’s aggressive and no-nonsense approach to team building focuses on shortening the sales cycle, increasing average deal value and increasing overall conversion rates.

“All of our sales leaders are evaluated through the same lens, which is ‘Did you get the required result?’ and if not, very little else matters,” said CEO Ali Mirza. “We are here to bring revenue to business owners; that is our only task. We are the ones holding the founding teams accountable as they focus on other areas of their business and watch their earnings hit record highs.”

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Ali Mirza

Rose Garden’s programs emphasize the fact that hitting or missing quota isn’t a question of lead flow, it’s more a question of mindset and culture. Her team creates a strategy for sales teams, detailing how to sell and position the solution to their customers’ problems.

Rose Garden creates detailed playbooks, processes, compensation structures, hiring procedures and accountability measures. Through this process, Rose Garden sees an increase in conversion rates and average transaction value while shortening the sales cycle.

“If potential customers can’t see the value of your solution, it’s the fault of your sales force. The problem is that most salespeople don’t know how to communicate effectively. This leads to subpar results and a culture full of excuses,” Mirza added.

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