Indonesian leader says G20 declaration negotiations are ‘very tough’

Indonesian leader says G20 declaration negotiations are ‘very tough’


The Indonesian President on Wednesday said negotiations for a joint statement from the G20 summit were extremely difficult but welcomed the agreement reached by leaders.

President Joko Widodo hosted two days of talks on the resort island of Bali marred by the war in Ukraine before handing the baton to next year’s host: India.

“The discussion was very, very tough, but finally the leaders agreed on the content of the statement condemning the war in Ukraine for violating the borders and integrity of the region,” he said in a concluding statement Press conference.

“It has brought misery to the people and worsened the world economy.”

The document said “most members strongly condemned the war” and called for the extension of an agreement with Russia allowing the export of Ukrainian grain.

The Indonesian leader said the most discussed paragraph in the text of the statement was the one related to Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

“We talked about it until midnight, and finally the Bali declaration was reached by consensus,” he said.

“We agreed that war has an impact on the global economy. The world economy will not be achieved without peace. Therefore, I said, the war must end.”

Widodo handed over the G20 presidency to New Delhi, which has close economic ties with Moscow, at a ceremony with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday.

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