International conference urges support for religious

International conference urges support for religious



International conference calls for support for religious freedom and human rights

Religious freedom is a hallmark of an open society”

The biggest difference between open, free societies and authoritarian regimes is respect for human rights and religious freedom, said speakers at the Hope for Universal Human Rights and Religious Freedom Conference sponsored by The Washington Times Foundation and Think Tank 2022.

The conference, held in South Korea on November 12 and livestreamed to millions of viewers worldwide, ended with a call to action for people worldwide to sign a Declaration on the Universal Value of Religious Freedom. “We call on all people around the world to take a firm stand against all forms of intolerance, prejudice, slander and hatred towards believers in our world religions,” the statement said.

“When we talk about human rights, the most fundamental right would be freedom of religion,” he said dr AS Yun Young HoChairman of the Steering Committee for Think Tank 2022. This right is well known, he said, noting that religious freedom was included in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948.

At a time when many religious groups in many countries are facing persecution, intolerance, discrimination and violence, this is “a critical moment in which we must unite, face the truth and, on the basis of the principles set out in the Declaration on the Expressed principles must move boldly beyond the universal value of religious libertysaid the co-host of the Conference of Hope Thomas P McDevitt, chairman of The Washington Times and board member of the Washington Times Foundation.

Speakers pointed to the persecution of religious groups including Muslim Uyghurs, Tibetan Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Ahmadis, Baha’is, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Yazidis, Falun Gong and more recently the Family Association of…

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