Metabolomics market to expand at ~13% CAGR

Metabolomics market to expand at ~13% CAGR


Key insights into the global Metabolomics market

During the forecast period 2023-2033, the global Metabolomics Market is expected to reach an estimated value of ~$5 billion by 2033 by expanding at a CAGR of ~13%. The market will also generate revenue of ~$2 billion in 2022. Increasing acceptance of metabolomics in precision medicine as well as increase in R&D spending in pharmaceuticals are major key factors driving global metabolomics market growth.

Market definition of metabolomics

The comprehensive study of metabolites, or tiny compounds, in cells, biofluids, tissues, and organisms is called metabolomics. It is an analytical technique for the systematic identification of metabolic fingerprints and profiles in a variety of biological samples and systems. It includes several separation techniques such as gas chromatography as well as detection techniques that include nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and mass spectrometry (MS). These methods are widely used in tailor-made drug development, toxicity testing and metabolome studies. In addition, they provide health assessment and insight into the causes and treatment of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders.

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Global Metabolomics Market: Growth Drivers

The growth of the global metabolomics market is largely attributed to the rapid technical advancement of the numerous analysis tools. For example, according to Bruker’s official press, in June 2021 the company announced a series of items to improve the accuracy of 4D metabolomics and lipidomics workflows. One such product is a new ion source for the company’s Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry Time-of-Flight Pro-2 platforms. In addition, due to the increasing geriatric population, the prevalence of diseases such as diabetes and cancer is increasing by…


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