Denmark’s Queen inspires cheering crowds after family spat

Denmark’s Queen inspires cheering crowds after family spat


Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II rounded out celebrations for her 50th jubilee on Saturday, along with her family after a public row with her youngest son.

The 82-year-old monarch took a horse-drawn carriage ride around Copenhagen and attended a ceremony at City Hall.

The two events were postponed following the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, her third cousin, in September.

The now only reigning queen in Europe, Margrethe, waved from the balcony of the town hall and greeted a crowd of about 1,500 people in the capital’s main square.

In late September, the Queen stripped four of her grandchildren of their titles, sparking unprecedented royal drama and prompting her furious second son, Prince Joachim, to publicly air the family’s dirty laundry.

The Queen announced that the four children of 53-year-old Prince Joachim would no longer be able to use the title of prince or princess after January 1.

She apologized for the pain caused but said the move was to give her grandchildren a normal life free of royal obligations.

Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie saw this as a slap in the face and vented their bitterness to the press.

Both were present at the anniversary, however, and the celebrations were seen as an opportunity to close a difficult chapter — at least on the surface.

Pensioner Margit Lauritze, a well-wisher among those gathered in the capital, told AFP: “The family is very important to our Queen and I think it is very important to the princes that the family is reunited.”

“All families have differences and they will find a solution, I’m sure.”

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