Industry-leading law firm ROSEN encourages investors in International Game Technology PLC to do so

Industry-leading law firm ROSEN encourages investors in International Game Technology PLC to do so


NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Because: Rosen Law Firm, a global investor rights law firm, recalls that it acquired securities from International Game Technology PLC (New York Securities Co., Ltd.) between March 16, 2018 and August 29, 2022 (stock ticker: IGT). , must pay attentionImportant deadlines for requests for representation of plaintiffs are 2022 Year 12 moon 13 Day?

Influence:If you purchased IGT Securities during the Class Period, you may be entitled to compensation and no expenses or costs under the Postpayment Agreement.

Next Steps:To participate in the IGT class action, please visit Or call toll-free 866-767-3653 or email[email protected] or [email protected], contact Attorney Phillip Kim for information regarding this class action lawsuit. This class action lawsuit has been filed. If you wish to represent the plaintiff, please be sure to do so 2022 Year 12 moon 13 the day beforeApply to the court. A representative plaintiff is a representative party conducting litigation on behalf of other group members.

Why choose ROSEN LAW:Investors are encouraged to select qualified attorneys with a successful track record in leadership positions. Often, the law firm issuing the notice does not have comparable experience, resources, or meaningful peer recognition.Many of these law firms do not actually deal with securities class action lawsuits, but merely act as intermediaries, referring clients to law firms or working with law firms that actually file lawsuits.Be sure to choose a lawyer wisely. The Law Firm of Rosen serves investors around the world with a focus on securities class actions and shareholder assignments. Law firm Rosen has successfully settled the largest securities class action lawsuit to date against a Chinese company. Rosen Law Firm was named the #1 law firm by ISS Securities Class Action Services in 2017 for the number of securities class action settlements. Since 2013, the law firm Rosen…

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