A record $2 billion lottery winner: organizer

A record $2 billion lottery winner: organizer


A single ticket sold in California raised a staggering $2 billion Tuesday after a delayed US lottery draw.

Just one of the millions of tickets sold nationwide matched all six numbers in the Powerball draw, the California Lottery said.

“The California Lottery Makes Its FIRST Billionaire!” The organization tweeted.

“A lucky ticket sold at Joe’s Service Center in Altadena matched all 6 numbers in the November 7th #Powerball drawing. The final jackpot amount for that drawing was $2.04 BILLION.”

The draw, originally scheduled to take place on Monday night, was postponed after a participating lottery needed more time to complete security protocols due to high ticket demand.

The winner, who was not named as of Tuesday, can choose to receive an estimated $1.4 billion lump sum in one go, or the entire amount in the form of annuities over three decades.

Most winners opt for the lump sum payout.

Powerball tickets are sold in almost every state – 45 out of 50 – as well as Washington DC, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

But California gamblers did very well in the drawing, the California Lottery said.

“We’re so excited and we just can’t hide it. Not only did California have the BIG #Powerball winner, three other 5 number matching tickets were missing only at the Powerballs in Gardena, Beaumont and San Francisco. Congratulations to all our players! “

Up until Tuesday’s win, no jackpot had been drawn since August 3 when one lucky Pennsylvania ticket holder bagged an estimated $206.9 million.

Since then, 40 consecutive draws have not produced a winner, and the Powerball jackpot has grown and grown.

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