Experts say circular economy practices are being adopted in Australia

Experts say circular economy practices are being adopted in Australia


The benefits of a circular economy range from saving waste from landfills and reducing carbon emissions to adding billions of dollars to GDP and creating thousands of new jobs

MELBOURNE, Australia – November 7, 2022 – (

According to Waste Sense, provider of independent and inexpensive Waste Disposal Services MelbourneAdopting a circular economy in Australia involves transforming the way materials are handled to effectively eliminate waste.

Waste Sense explains that circularity not only helps regenerate nature and local communities, but also creates new business opportunities by re-evaluating materials and extending the lifespan of products. The potential benefit for Australia is billions in added value to GDP.

Recent Research on behalf of the CSIRO proposes that the benefits to the Australian economy are US$23 billion by 2025, rising to US$200 billion in additional GDP value and the creation of 17,000 new jobs by 2050.

According to Waste Sense, in order to move towards a circular economy, companies need to have a better understanding of the vast amounts of materials passing through their supply and value chain ecosystems. The current level of resources being overexploited when these materials become scarce poses a threat to business resilience and long-term profitability.

Whilst there is currently no national circular economy strategy in place, the NSW and Victoria governments have recently developed their own policies which are taking some steps towards a transition. Waste Sense explains that the focus does not have to be just on waste and sustainability, however, as the concept of a circular economy involves a radical transformation of the entire economy.

waste sense suggests that educational programs can be used to address some of the biggest social issues to motivate people to move away from the take-make-waste paradigm that currently exists. Customers have a lot of power in…


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