Lund’s Fisheries praises fishermen, scientists and the coastguard

Lund’s Fisheries praises fishermen, scientists and the coastguard


CAPE MAY, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / October 29, 2022 / Two fishing vessels that have long supplied Lund’s Fisheries were involved in an incident sixty miles off the coast of Virginia yesterday morning. The F/V Tremont collided with a Panamanian flag cargo ship and sank. F/V Dyrsten, operating nearby, came to their aid.

Thanks to the efforts of the crew and captain of both ships, all thirteen on board survived the tragedy and were rescued.

Lund’s Fisheries commends the captains and crew of the Tremont for their prompt response to the emergency and the Dyrsten for their prompt arrival at the scene and their heroic actions to save everyone on board.

We also thank and commend the Coast Guard personnel from Virginia and North Carolina for their response and rescue efforts, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s R/V Atlantis for using a small boat to transport the Tremont’s crew.

Thanks to the competent action of all those involved, injuries and fatalities could be avoided.

About Lund’s Fisheries Inc.
Lund’s Fisheries, Inc. Lund is a third generation family business and primary producer of fresh and frozen seafood based in Cape May, NJ that purchases, produces and distributes nearly 75 million pounds of fresh and frozen fish annually. Its fresh and frozen domestic sales span across the country, while its frozen exports extend to markets around the world. Lund’s Fisheries is committed to developing and managing systems and practices to fish within sustainable limits and to trace its produce back to the point of harvest to ensure it comes from fisheries that are well managed, certified as sustainable or actively working towards it implement more responsible and sustainable harvesting practices.

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