HeartSciences Receives European Patent for Proprietary Lead and

HeartSciences Receives European Patent for Proprietary Lead and


SOUTHLAKE, TX, Oct. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Heart Test Laboratories, Inc. d/b/a HeartSciences HSCS HSCSW))) (“HeartSciences” or the “Company”), a medical technology company focused on saving lives by making an EKG (aka EKG) a far more valuable screening tool through the use of AI , announced today that it has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office (EPO). The patent covers the design of the company’s electrode and cable connectors for use with an EKG and specifically its MyoVista® device.

“Millions of ECGs are performed every week. The electrodes used with the MyoVista® are owned by HeartSciences. Adding Europe to our electrode patent coverage strengthens and diversifies our entire intellectual property portfolio and further protects future recurring revenues. This granted patent strengthens our strategic position on the path to commercialization,” said Andrew Simpson, CEO of HeartSciences.

“Unlike a traditional ECG, the MyoVista® AI cardiac dysfunction algorithm analyzes frequency signals from the heart. Our unique electrode design helps ensure optimal signal acquisition with high quality and low impedance for every single test. We have secured a number of US and international patents and this recent addition to our IP portfolio is an example of how we continue to leverage our first mover advantage as we position ourselves to bring a new era of clinical value to ECG in to create in the US and internationally.”

Electrocardiography (ECG) systems analyze the electrical activity of the heart by recording and processing electrical signals using electrodes attached to a patient’s body. The MyoVista® 12-lead AI-enabled ECG system includes electrodes and a processing device that is connected to the electrodes by a suitable cable. For safety reasons, new electrodes are used for each ECG test.

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Heart Test Laboratories, Inc. d/b/a HeartSciences is a medical technology company specializing in…

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