Airbus hit with new bribery case in France – Airbus

Airbus hit with new bribery case in France – Airbus


  • Airbus SE EASY EADSF French authorities are reportedly negotiating a 2020 bribery regime that could lead to expansion.
  • French publication Mediapart said Airbus is under investigation for alleged bribery in the sale of 21 jets to Libya in 2007 as part of a broader investigation into ties to Libya under the late leader Muammar Gaddafi.
  • According to Mediapart, Airbus is about to reach a new agreement. synchronized Public Interest Agreement (CJIP), which usually includes fines instead of staying criminal charges.
  • “I can confirm discussions are ongoing with Airbus with a view to completing a CJIP on matters that are an extension of those involved in the CJIP 2020 but which could not be addressed at this time,” Reuters reported, citing a PNF spokesman.
  • In 2020, Airbus admitted its past extensive use of bribes and agreed to pay a €3.6 billion fine to France, the UK and the US, including €2.1 billion to French authorities .
  • France’s 2020 CJIP cited corruption by foreign officials, fraud and money laundering in jet and satellite sales.
  • Reuters also reported that Saudi Arabian Airlines is on board conversations with Airbus and Boeing Co B.A On order for itself and a new airline, the kingdom is planning to launch, the state airline’s chief executive said.
  • According to reports Monday, Saudi Arabia’s wealth fund was negotiating almost to order 40 Airbus A350s.
  • Price promotion: EADSY shares are up 5.04% to $25.84 on the latest check Tuesday.

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