Curaleaf Labeling Mix-Up Epilogue: Such is the cannabis giant

Curaleaf Labeling Mix-Up Epilogue: Such is the cannabis giant


More than a year has passed since then Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. TREATMENT KURLF made headlines for confusing the labels of two very different products – one containing CBD and the other THC. Now the cannabis giant Paying $100,000 to settle another of several class action lawsuits that resulted from the vast mess of false labels, reported The Oregonian.

The final reckoning comes afterwards 10 previously settled lawsuits from customers who didn’t expect to get stoned from their CBD drops, plus a $130,000 fine that Curaleaf agreed to pay and a 23-day suspension granted in August by the marijuana regulators in Oregon.

As a result of the lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Portland, the company will pay between $150 and $200 to each of the several hundred consumers who purchased CBD wellness drops in Oregon over the past year.

Michael Fullerthe Portland attorney who represented the affected customers, including a 77-year-old man who filed In a federal lawsuit in June, he said he intends to seek one-fourth of the settlement fund in compensation for representing the plaintiffs. In addition, the unclaimed funds would go to Oregon Consumer Justice, a non-profit organization.

“The average cost of the product in question was about $25, so our comparison gives consumers 6 to 8 times what they paid for it,” Fuller said said.

What happened: The CBD/THC debacle

Choose, Curaleaf’s Oregon cannabis brand, be committed the incorrect labeling error with possible serious health effects in the last year.

The cannabis producer, also known as Cura Cannabis, confused its two product lines – one with CBD and the other with THC, leading to unexpected and confusing states for some consumers.

Oregon regulators have recalled the brand 1,000 mg of unflavored select CBD drops labeled as “broad spectrum” that actually contained THC. The brand’s 1,000 mg bottles of unflavored, Select THC tinctures were recalled because they did not contain THC.

Meanwhile Curaleaf…

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