Biden says no mercy to weed sellers, Delaware wants to legalize cannabis,

Biden says no mercy to weed sellers, Delaware wants to legalize cannabis,


Biden will not pardon those jailed for selling weed

President Joe Biden started in October to announce the he would condone all previous federal offenses of simple possession of marijuana.

He recently reiterated his stance on cannabis ownership, but emphasized it those convicted of selling cannabis would not receive a pardon, reports marijuana moment.

you can’t sell it‘ Biden added. “But if it’s just about use, you’re completely free.”

He said he will keep his promise that “no one should be in jail for the mere use or possession of marijuana,” adding that the “records preventing people from getting jobs and the like should be erased entirely.” “.

The latest comments came before Sunday White House protest organized by such groups as Sound Drug Policy Students, Last Prisoner Project, DCMJ, who previously said Biden’s move was “a great first step.” However, it did nothing to help the thousands of incarcerated federal pot prisoners.

“We would prefer not to have to escalate our protests, but your government has so far refused to release our imprisoned neighbors, friends and family members and it is therefore our moral duty to mobilize sufficient public attention to your failure to carry out this urgent injustice, that you have promised to address,” the activist wrote to Biden earlier this month said.

The majority of Delaware residents want recreational cannabis to be legalized

A new poll by the University of Delaware Center for Political Communication

showed that 60% of registered voters said marijuana use “should be legal” while only a third of respondents are against it. About 10% were undecided.

Of those who support legalization, Democrats accounted for 73%, while a few 40% of GOP voters think the same.

“Two-thirds of Delawareans say they support the legalization of marijuana,” said Phil Jones, the university center’s director of research. said Delaware Public Media. “This is without restrictions, so not just medical…

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