The deadline for relative settlement

The deadline for relative settlement


OTTAWA, Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Class members who have not yet submitted their claim for compensation in the Federal Indian Day Schools Class Action Settlement are encouraged to submit their claim form extension with their claim form as soon as possible. as the final deadline of January 13, 2023 is approaching.

“The settlement agreement sets January 13, 2023 as the end of the bidding process.
This is the final deadline. It is important that Group Members understand that the Claims Administrator will not be accepting renewal request forms and indemnification request forms after January 13, 2023,” said Cam Cameron, lead class action attorney for the implementation of the Federal Indian Day School Settlement. “There is still time and we stand available to provide legal assistance to anyone who needs help pursuing their claim. »

“More than half of renewal requests relate to probate matters,” Cameron added. “Inheritance compensation claims are generally more complex and require specific documentation that changes depending on a number of factors, such as: »

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Group member support available

Class action attorneys assist class action members throughout the compensation process. It will be possible to get free legal advice and help at the time of …

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