FTI Consulting’s technology segment expands the company’s legal department

FTI Consulting’s technology segment expands the company’s legal department


WASHINGTON, Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FTI Consulting, Inc. FCN announced today that the company technology has continued to expand its transformation solutions for the legal department Legal transactions for companies work out. By working on an expanded list of key focus areas for corporate legal departments – including business strategy alignment, legal technology adoption, processes and spend management – ??the team is able to deliver actionable reviews alongside comprehensive services and technology that support the entire legal department Program improvement roadmaps deliver operational transformation.

The importance of legal transactions has increased significantly in recent years, as economic and business factors increasingly emphasize the need for corporate legal departments to streamline processes, reduce operational costs and implement automation. According to a study by the Blickstein Group, nearly half (44%) of legal departments say they need to update their core technologies to do this. However, 60% of legal professionals in the same study said improving business processes was their top challenge.

“Every legal department is unique, from the challenges of the industry to its technology stack and resource strategy,” he said Meredith Brown, Senior Managing Director and Global Co-Head of FTI Technology’s Corporate Legal Operations practice. “Our mantra is that we meet our clients where they are, whether they need help in a specific area – like strategy alignment, people, technology, process improvement or measurement – ??or at a specific stage in their legal transformation, whether departments know they need it have operational difficulties but do not know where to start. These challenges often lead to false starts, stalled projects, and frustration. To counteract this, we have expanded our assessment offering so clients understand exactly what is needed to drive improvement.”


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