Bartz Law Group, APC, a trusted and client-focused employment law firm

Bartz Law Group, APC, a trusted and client-focused employment law firm


Bartz Law Group, APC, a leading employment law firm in California, provides strong advocacy for employment lawsuits.

Labor law deals with various matters that may arise in the workplace between employees and their employers. Employees who face issues related to discrimination or harassment have the legal right to file a complaint against their employer. With the help of experienced employment law firms such as Bartz Law Group, APC, associates can be assured of positive judgments on their cases. The employment law firm is owned and directed by Aaron Bartz, a client-focused employment attorney with a track record of numerous employment law cases. Bartz Law Group, APC provides clients with outstanding and results-oriented legal services. With years of employment law experience, they specialize in cases such as consumer class actions related to the Unfair Advertising Act, the Consumer Remedies Act, wage and labor law, retaliation, discrimination, whistleblowing, harassment, unfair competition and claims related to agreements, not to compete, and the False Claims Act.

In response to an inquiry about their services, Bartz Law Group spokesperson, APC commented, “We provide our clients with excellent legal services and are always quick to respond to any questions they may have about our services. Our customer-centric approach allows us to provide services that meet our customers’ needs. We also work closely with our clients to provide them with all the information they need for their cases. All of our services are designed to deliver satisfactory and positive judgments to our customers.”

Bartz Law Group, APC employs robust legal strategies when working with clients. They think about every step before making a decision, realizing that their customers’ success is their success too. With their employment law expertise and experience, they implement solutions that…


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