Next In Dentistry presents the future of dental connectivity and

Next In Dentistry presents the future of dental connectivity and


Dentex Dentalia Village 2022 at Brussels Expo in Belgium gave visitors an insider’s look at the biggest technological advances in dentistry.

Showcasing groundbreaking technologies, Next In Dentistry offers a glimpse into the future of dentistry with workshops, panel discussions and guided experiences on Blockchain, AI and Metaverse. Consisting of a mix of content that brings value to today’s dentistry. The goal is to inspire dentists and put them at the center of the dental equation. Creating value is about building relationships with dentists and helping them grow not only from a business perspective but also from a personal perspective.

Next In Dentistry is the place where trade show attendees learn about dental startups and their innovative solutions to industry-wide problems. What drives people, including dentists, to embrace new fields of technology is when it saves them time, energy, money, or a combination of the three. This glimpse into the future saw the launch of two highly innovative platforms: one being Mawzione start-up streamlining the workflow between dental clinic and dental technician, and the other is Dentaversea platform that connects the future possibilities of dental industry-wide collaboration.

Bringing connectivity, community and loyalty to the industry

Dentaverse is a connectivity hub that connects the broader dental ecosystem through an Internet of Value loyalty system, Web3 platform and VR infrastructure that brings dentists together on a global scale and helps drive dental initiatives from around the world integrate. In their Club Lounge, they present the virtual platform and their country ambassadors such as Dr. Maria Orellana, Dr. Greta Kersyte and Dr. Tommie Van de Velde. This team has already onboarded key industry players and dozens of ambassadors in 42 countries. Dentaverse is the metaverse of dentistry, providing time, energy and cost saving services and tools in education, connectivity and…


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