DFW Local Realtor makes a splash with Viridian Arlington Tx

DFW Local Realtor makes a splash with Viridian Arlington Tx


As the North Texas housing market continues to expand, a local realtor has focused its locations on one specific development: VIRIDIAN’s planned master community in Arlington.

08.10.2022 / TRANSLATION / ARLINGTON, Texas — As new home construction continues its expansion in the North Texas Dallas Ft Worth area, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Home buyers want to know which developments, if any, stand out above all others. Brent Jones, the resident DFW real estate agent, argues why he believes the VIRIDIAN is unique like no other in North Texas.

If you’ve been following the DFW real estate market for a while you’ve undoubtedly heard of Brent Jones, one of the most respected real estate agents in the Metroplex. He has now added to his reputation by turning his attention to the VIRIDIAN.

When asked how VIRIDIAN is different and unique, Brent said: “Many developments are just typical subdivisions with maybe a community pool. But VIRIDIAN was conceived as a nature-based community, with nature at the forefront of all their projects. There are countless outdoor activities including sailing on our very own Lake Viridian, hiking, nature trails, swimming, picnicking and sand volleyball. Directly across the street is River Legacy Park, one of Arlington’s premier wooded parks. VIRIDIAN amenities include separate adult pools, children’s wading pools, and family pools, as well as pavilions, recreation centers, and business meeting rooms. New developments around VIRIDIAN offer residents access to the latest and greatest in shopping, dining and nightlife. Minutes from Texas Rangers Stadium, Dallas Cowboy AT&T Stadium and Six Flags. With everything it has to offer, VIRIDIAN simply cannot be beat.”

Buyers moving to Texas don’t have a great choice of where to live. That’s why it’s so important to use an agent like Brent who understands DFW’s Premiere communities.

For more information on VIRIDIAN homes for sale including: 1) New Construction, 2) Pre-Existing…

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