US edition of the Health 2.0 Conference reviewing the post-pandemic

US edition of the Health 2.0 Conference reviewing the post-pandemic


This three-day event addresses the global challenges that have arisen as a result of the pandemic and the innovations that have redefined the healthcare sector.

07.10.2022 / TRANSLATION / LAS VEGAS — The Health 2.0 conference will launch its Winter Edition in the US, scheduled for December 19-21, 2022 in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, US.

This innovative health and wellness forum gives industry changers the opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts and perspectives on various health topics and concerns. Considering the post-pandemic situation, topics such as remote healthcare solutions, teletherapy for wellness, medical analysis and diagnostics technology, personalized healthcare products and services, health insurance fraud, medical bill fraud, home healthcare services spam, and various other healthcare frauds will be highlighted. The conference will discuss how the pandemic has brought innovation and disruption to the healthcare sector.

Health professionals can gain a better introduction and views of other global health professionals through the thought-provoking and engaging sessions such as panel discussions, question-and-answer sessions and fireside chats hosted at this health and wellness event. Learn how other countries have dealt with healthcare challenges during the pandemic, using advanced technology to design and implement new solutions.

The winter edition of the Health 2.0 conference aims to address the latest technologies that have redefined the healthcare sector and provide innovative solutions such as teletherapy for wellness, telemedicine, digital health and various other remote services that enable people to receive treatments, without even meeting the naturopath in person.

Considering the increase in mental health problems, one can also use one’s knowledge and gain insights from excellent mental health experts. One can delve deeper into the latest therapies, practices and disruptive technologies that are…


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