Satellite phones as an indispensable tool after a disaster: Voice as

Satellite phones as an indispensable tool after a disaster: Voice as


Sarasota, Florida, United States – 10/01/2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Satellite Phone Store highlights the importance of satellite communications during and after a natural disaster like Hurricane Ian.

It is safe to say that today’s businesses and governments could not function without the Internet, voice communications and other forms of modern telecommunications. Everything from running the business, handling finances, logistics, internal and external communications, to using various security devices. However, few realize that all these systems are land-based and therefore vulnerable to the impact of both natural and man-made disasters. When a disaster strikes, cellular infrastructure can be destroyed or networks can go down, putting your business at risk. Banks, hospitals, public safety organizations and businesses can use satellite telecommunications solutions to securely coordinate between locations, maintain human contact, keep computer networks running and receive real-time updates on changing conditions. However, in the event of a disaster, having an emergency voice communication system in place must be the primary concern.

“After a disaster like a hurricane Voice communication is the essential need and a natural way of communication. Voice calls are efficient to provide information reliably, quickly and efficiently. Voice calls can be made over VoIP using different types of satellite terminals or through satellite phones. However, satellite phones are the primary voice solution, they are portable, easy to use, quick to deploy and some have additional emergency features.” says Thierry Watters, Director of Enterprise and Government Sales at Satellite Phone Store (

There are 3 types of satellite phones: regional, quasi-global, or truly global. All types offer voice and SMS services, as well as basic data services (not sufficient for actual Internet access).

The only true global satellite phone is…


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