Motivational speaker of conversation with Tevin LLC ranks number one

Motivational speaker of conversation with Tevin LLC ranks number one


Tevin Ali’s book Forging Your Inner Diamond aims to help others overcome personal struggles

Talk With Tevin LLC motivational speaker Tevin Ali has landed a #1 bestseller on online shopping platform Amazon.

his novel Forge your inner diamond, is an adventure story mixed with self-help wisdom. The book also pays homage to how we all have the power to overcome life’s adversities and transform ourselves into a “diamond in the rough” when we believe in the transformational process it takes to forge a diamond. His book focuses on themes of trial, triumph, and transformation to help others rise from their darkest moments.

Tevin shares four key lessons in his novel that led him to overcome barriers as a first-generation, low-income minority, and immigrant college student to become a first-generation graduate and achieve notable success. He hopes to pass the wisdom on to others. His novel’s intended audience is college students, but it can be for anyone seeking a little transformative inspiration at a low point in their lives. Whether you’re going through difficulties, struggling with self-destructive thoughts, or feeling stuck in life’s challenging experiences, this book is meant to offer comfort and inspiration.

“If a single line or wisdom in my book inspires someone, it has done its job and I am eternally grateful,” Tevin shares. His deepest hope is that his book will reach the hands of those who need inspiration to overcome their personal adversities.

As a motivational speaker, Tevin helps prepare college students for the future by providing transformative learning experiences to educate and inspire students for success in their college years and beyond. He speaks about overcoming adversity, resilience, personal growth and leadership to help audiences achieve their highest goals.

The #1 Best Selling Book is available at Amazon. Also available on Barnes & Nobles.

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