HK Dog Training: Customized, Custom-made Professional Services

HK Dog Training: Customized, Custom-made Professional Services


HK dog training has been in active business since January 2020. The company offers a variety of services including obedience training, behavior modification, boarding, and puppy training. With over eight years of dog training experience, Hunter Kearns and the team have accumulated knowledge to solve problems and provide each dog with their training needs to meet owner expectations.

HK Dog Training offers the finest boarding facilities that are clean, spacious and comfortable. Customers can rest assured that their furry friend will be taken care of. The company also offers transportation to and from their facility, so customers don’t have to worry about bringing their dog to them. Dog owners who take a dog on a business trip or vacation can have a challenging time. But thanks to professional trainers, owners can rest assured that the team will do everything they can to ensure the dog is happy and safe while they’re away.

“Very detailed and competent. Did a great job with my dog.” One happy customer commented.

Some dogs are afraid of people or other animals. Some may bark at them loudly or show aggression. HK Dog Training provides behavior modification in dogs. They use the most specialized techniques like desensitization and counterconditioning to counteract the dog’s behavior. The trainer will slowly expose the dogs to the thing they are afraid of while at the same time giving the dogs positive reinforcement such as: B. Treats. This will help the dogs associate the thing they are afraid of with something positive and over time the dogs will stop being afraid.

The company also offers puppy training services. One of the methods they use during training is positive reinforcement. It helps puppies form a positive association with training, making them more likely to make good progress during training and learn much faster. Second, they use clicker training techniques to help puppies achieve the desired…


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