Clara Baldwin – Award-winning CEO and Founder of Ground Plan

Clara Baldwin – Award-winning CEO and Founder of Ground Plan


Clara creates all the designs and is hands-on with every client. She ensures the most intimate and communicative experience with any company, brand or person.

Winner of Top 100 Small Business Awards ( Top non-publicly traded companies in the country.

Recognized at MADCon 2020 Las Vegas Top 100 Marketing Leaders (most recent honoree).

Inno Biz Journal Top 10 Under 25s.

Finalist for Business Woman of the Year 2022 by Women Business Awards.

Founder of two national marketing agencies and a non-profit organization.

Clara lives, works and podcasts from Kansas City, Missouri. She attended Westminster College where she earned a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship with a major in Computer Science. She also holds certifications in SEO, digital marketing, advertising, and analytics across multiple platforms. At the age of 16 she developed her first business by running a dropshipping startup – this led to her passion to be a full-time entrepreneur. Klara developed Studio marketing floor plan, a national digital agency serving clients across the United States offering SEO, graphic design, business strategy/launch, growth, lead generation and online property development. She also started a non-profit organization for survivors of domestic violence peace about pieces.

Her recent projects include founding an additional digital agency called Heal Medical Marketing that serves physicians and medical practices nationwide, as well as released to Anthology book on Amazon for donations from survivors of domestic violence. Clara has passed 100+ campaigns with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and athletes.

Her ultimate goal is to continue giving back to the community while applying her passions and skills to clients on the marketing/business side of life.

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