Trump has yet to return all official documents since leaving White

Trump has yet to return all official documents since leaving White


donald trump He is reportedly yet to return any documents he took from the police White Housea top US official Ministry of Justice recently told the former president’s attorneys.

What happened: the official jay bratwho heads the US Department of Justice’s counterintelligence department, expressed the department’s skepticism about Trump’s cooperation in recovering the documents in recent weeks. reported The New York Times, citing people familiar with the matter.

The reach created a wedge between Trump’s lawyers on how to respond with either side, including Chris Kise, one advocating a collaborative approach, involving an outside firm to further search for documents, and another advocating a more confrontational approach. According to the report, the confrontational side prevailed.

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Why it matters: It is not clear what property Kise wanted an outside company to search. Trump spends his time in Mar-a-Lago, his club in Bedminster and an office in Manhattan, the Times reported.

The different approaches led to this Kise’s role on Trump’s legal team reportedly be minimized. The lawyer was hired by Trump for a $3 million fee paid by his political action committee.

The DoJ has several options: it could give up trying to obtain the remaining documents, issue a subpoena, or obtain another search warrant. The department could also try to get Trump to testify under oath that he turned over materials in possession, according to the Times.

Last week the National Archives and Records Administration told the House Oversight Committee that certain records from the presidency of Trump remain missing.

“While there is no easy way to establish absolute accountability, we know we are not preserving everything that we should,” said the Acting Archivist Debra Steidel Wand.

Trump recently compared on Truth Social how he was treated by NARA versus another Republican…

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