Tesla shares remain under pressure after Twitter deal news,

Tesla shares remain under pressure after Twitter deal news,


Elon Musk on Tuesday renewed his interest in Twitter Inc. TWTR for the originally agreed transaction value of US$44 billion.

What happened: Neither party has so far requested that the lawsuit filed in Delaware Chancery Court be dismissed, prompting the judge to do so Kathleen McCormick to decide on Wednesday that the five-day process, due to begin October 17, is on track. Stocks of Musk’s flagship electric vehicle business Tesla Inc. TSLA came under considerable selling pressure in the course of development.

Tesla shares will likely continue to underperform as long as Musk is clear on whether he needs to sell more shares to fund the Twitter deal, analyst Future Fund Gary Black said.

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The analyst said the EV maker’s shares could get some breathing space if banks, which have pledged $12.5 billion in funding, pull out. He added that this would allow Musk to walk away from the deal by paying a $1 billion termination fee.

In that case, Black expects Tesla stock to rise 5-10% and Twitter stock to plummet to the mid-$30 mark.

Wedbush Analyst Daniel Ive repeated the same feeling.

“Foremost here may be the condition of Musk’s agreement that closing of the deal awaits receipt of the requisite $12.5 billion in debt financing,” Ives said.

Why it matters: However, Ives said the financiers carried through MorganStanley MRS, are cemented to the Twitter debt deal. Despite the currently “very difficult debt markets”, they have no way out.

“We don’t see this debt situation breaking apart and offering Musk a ‘way out’ of the Twitter deal with a minimal break-up fee, despite the noise,” the analyst said.

Ives said he continued to believe the deal would go smoothly despite the noise.

Black, meanwhile, said banks can’t walk away just because they have to offer such high returns that they lose hundreds of millions of dollars.


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