Keep kids safe with two essential vehicle accessories –

Keep kids safe with two essential vehicle accessories –


Driver Aura Shop explains which two accessories parents should have in their vehicle to protect their young children.

A one-stop shop for quality car products and accessories at unbeatable prices has launched a campaign to explain which accessories parents should have in the vehicle when carrying young children. Driver Aura Shop (, who have recently challenged Amazon to undercut or match their prices, have said parents must have a rear-facing car seat and baby car seat head restraint in their vehicle.

It is a legal requirement to have a baby car seat head restraint strap for infants under the age of one year and weighing less than 20 pounds. However, millions of parents ignore a rear-facing car seat in their vehicle. Not only is this illegal, but it can endanger the lives of young children. A head support strap for baby car seats ( is not required by law, but is another accessory that can help protect young children.

Every year tens of thousands of young children suffer from neck problems while driving. This happens when the child’s head is moved from side to side in the infant carrier. It happens more when the baby or toddler is sleeping. This movement can cause strain on the infant’s neck, which may result in the need for medical attention. Priced at only $18.99, the Baby Car Seat Head Support Strap can help protect the neck from strain by keeping the head in place.

Since its launch, the baby car seat headrest strap has gained worldwide notoriety for its positive impact on the safety of young children. It has been featured in popular parenting publications and blogs, as well as on TikTok. Many parenting experts recommend that all parents should carry the accessories in the vehicle to avoid the toddler experiencing neck pain or injury.

Thanks to the low prices offered at the popular store, the baby car seat head support strap is at a…


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