Electrical faults shouldn’t be ignored, says Alberta Canada

20 percent of all fires in Canada are caused by electrical faults. AOM Electrical Services Inc, a family-owned local electrician in Alberta, Canada, said electrical faults should not be ignored

A local electrician in Alberta, Canada, has launched an important campaign to warn people not to ignore electrical faults in their homes. AOM Electrical Services Inc. (https://www.aomelectrical.com/), a local family-owned electrician said that 20 percent of all fires in Canada are started by electrical faults.

The local electrician, who offers a complete solution for commercial and residential electrical services, said the main cause of electrical fires is faulty wiring. A spokesman for AOM Electrical Services Inc has said that anyone looking to purchase a new property should have the property inspected by a qualified electrician. They also went on to say that any property where the wiring has not been changed in more than 30 years should be rewired.

“If more people paid attention to electrical faults and didn’t ignore them, then the number of home fires caused by electrical faults would be reduced,” said the spokesman for AOM Electrical Services Inc.

It is not just the cost of the damage that residents of Alberta, Canada should be concerned about, but also the risk of life.

Look out for these electrical fire warning signs:

Flickering/dimming lights and bulbs

Breakers that always trip

Fuses that always blow

Defective extension cord

Old space heaters

Appliances that have a burning smell when turned on, including lights in a room

Discolored sockets

Sockets that spark

Defective electrical devices

Sockets and light switches that get hot when you touch them

A wall is unusually hot

Outdated wiring

Loose plug retention in outlets – Do your cords stay plugged in?

AOM Electrical Services Inc, the…

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