Trump’s phone conversations with the President, pardon records separate from

Trump’s phone conversations with the President, pardon records separate from


Among the confiscated documents Donald Trump’s The Mar-a-Lago estate consisted of clemency records, legal agreements, and call notes with the President’s seal.

What happened: The information comes from two detailed lists attached to an Aug. 30 court filing. reported first by Bloomberg.

The minutes, prepared by a “Privilege Review Team,” were meant to remain classified but were reportedly released in a public court filing, according to Bloomberg.

The team was reportedly tasked with flagging documents covered by attorney-client privilege.

The documents included an email between the White House and National Security Council touches the release of 2019 John Walker Lindhwho was convicted of supporting the Taliban, Bloomberg reported.

Some clemency documents reportedly included the full names of people pardoned by Trump, while others were referred to by initials.

A document titled “The President’s Calls” contained a note that read “Message from Rudy,” along with an unsigned June 2017 letter from Trump’s attorneys to the former special counsel Robert Mueller were also reportedly separated from the team.

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Why it matters: In total, 520 pages were separated from a vast collection of 200,000 pages, according to Trump’s lawyers, with very few falling under legal privilege, according to Bloomberg.

The severed pages are now in the purview of the case’s special master, the US District Senior Judge Raymond Dearieaccording to the report.

Last month, Dearie raped Trump’s lawyers and questioned their claims that the former president had released the records discovered in Mar-a-Lago.

Trump’s lawyers have against moves by Dearie asking her to review the list of confiscated items from his home in Palm Beach, Florida.

The former US leader praised Richter Aileen cannonwho called Dearie “brilliant and courageous” about truth…

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