Washington, DC October 05, 2022 –(PR.com). (PFAS).

The complaint alleges: The word “Pro-Health” is clearly visible on the packaging of Oral-B Glide. P&G’s Pro Health line is aimed “at consumers who are willing to pay more for products that tout health benefits as opposed to taste or cosmetic benefits.” But P&G fails to disclose PFAS in its products.

Developed in the 1940s, PFAS, including PFOA, PFOS and PTFE, are a class of over 9,000 man-made chemicals. The complaint further alleges that PFAS, known as “forever chemicals” because they do not degrade in the environment, bioaccumulate in the human body and can be harmful in very small amounts. PFAS have been linked to cancer, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease, liver damage, reduced fertility, birth defects, hormonal imbalances, obesity, reduced immunity and high blood pressure.

On August 26, the EPA announced a proposal to list historically common PFAS, PFOA, and PFOS as hazardous substances under the Superfund Act. “Communities have suffered from exposure to these eternal chemicals for far too long… Under this proposed rule, EPA will both help protect communities from PFAS pollution and seek to hold polluters accountable…” EPA said -Administrator Michael Regan.

Toxin Free USA believes that the entire class of PFAS, not just PFOA and PFOS, should be regulated and phased out.

PFAS are traditionally found in food packaging, non-stick cookware, stain and water-resistant clothing, and fire-fighting foam. However, research by Toxin Free USA has shown that PFAS are becoming more prevalent in consumer products.

The complaint alleges that tests show Oral-B Glide contains high levels of organofluor, a PFAS indicator.

“It’s shocking that…

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