Terra CEO Do Kwon Denies Reports of Bitcoin Frozen – Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

Terra CEO Do Kwon Denies Reports of Bitcoin Frozen – Bitcoin (BTC/USD)


The Besieged TerraForm Labs CEO Kwon Do-hyung, also known as Do kwonon Wednesday denied reports that South Korean prosecutors were frozen Bitcoin BTC/USD Assets valued at 56.2 billion won (US$39.6 million). Terra Luna Foundation.

South Korea’s News1 reported that the Joint Financial Securities Crime Investigation Team of Seoul South District Prosecutors froze 56.2 billion won on Sept. 27. This is on top of the previously frozen 38.8 billion won of the 95 billion won in assets that Kwon was allegedly trying to hide.

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Do Kwon denies reports

In response, Kwon said he had no time to act and no funds had been frozen.

“I don’t understand the motivation for spreading this untruth – flexing your muscles? But for what purpose?” said Kwon. “Again, I don’t even use Kucoin and OkEx, don’t have time to trade, no funds have been frozen. I don’t know whose funds they froze but good for them I hope they use it forever. “

His mention of cryptocurrency exchanges OK and KuCoin was related to reports last month that the exchanges had been cooperating with law enforcement 3,313 Freeze Bitcoinvalued at approximately $66 million.

These allegations were also refuted Kwon and Luna Foundation Guarda non-profit organization formed to support the Terra ecosystem.

Kwon claimed on Twitter a week ago that he had not stolen any money from his business and neither TerraForm Labs nor Luna Foundation Guard had frozen any money.

Interpol issues notice for Do Kwon

Interpol had already issued a red notice for his arrest.

According to South Korean prosecutors, law enforcement had to work together to find and arrest Kwon.

Kwon had simultaneously denied he was on the run and denied his identity via his Twitter account for at least a month.

Kwon said his company and himself were cooperating with the authorities and had nothing to do…

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