Spero Cheese Launches in Fresh Market in Florida, Virginia

Spero Cheese Launches in Fresh Market in Florida, Virginia


Spero Cheese is introduced to the fresh market in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Arkansas

“Spero provides delicious and affordable plant-based cheese products for The Fresh Market.”

Spero Cheese is proud to announce that they will be introducing some of their plant-based products to the fresh market. This will raise awareness for healthier, tastier, more sustainable and affordable dairy alternatives.

People want plant-based dairy, but these days plant-based dairy is prohibitively expensive due to the use of nuts and other ingredients as the main ingredient. Spero is a plant-based dairy technology company dedicated to not only providing tasty, healthy products with simple ingredients, but also making those products more sustainable and affordable. At Spero, they make their dairy products from seeds, not nuts, soy, or GMO proteins. Almonds, cashews and other nuts make up a majority of the dairy alternatives in the industry today. However, based on today’s price, they cannot produce comparable products with dairy because they are too expensive and difficult to scale. They take up too much time, space, water and human labor. Conversely, seeds are estimated to be seven to eight times cheaper and grow fifty to seventy times faster than nuts.

By using scalable ingredients and cutting-edge technology, Spero aims to make plant-based dairy cheaper than traditional dairy and make dairy alternatives mainstream. Phaedra Randolph, Founder and CEO of Spero says: “We are doing something radical that nobody has tried before. People have tried plant-based dairy, but nobody has tried to bring plant-based dairy prices down to the same price or even cheaper than animal-based dairy.” She adds, “We’re so proud of our simple ingredient list, packed with probiotics and nutrient-dense sunflower seeds. Consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste when making healthier food choices.”

Spero brings three products to the fresh market:

  • The Original Sunflower Cream Cheese: made from simple, clean ingredients…

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