Ketamine therapy at your doorstep, growing number of clinics on offer

Ketamine therapy at your doorstep, growing number of clinics on offer


As the only psychedelic legally available as medicine, ketamine-assisted therapy Services are expanding at a rapid pace across the USA.

Recent news includes the incorporation of a Western Ketamine Infusion Clinic into a renowned network of clinics offering psychedelics-assisted therapies to offer new ketamine therapy options expand the range of treatments faced with an East Coast therapist shortage and a management agreement between two West Coast ketamine therapy providers.

Irwin Naturals acquires and adds Idaho Clinic to its “Emergence” chain of psychedelic services

Irwin Naturals Inc. IWINF signed a binding agreement to acquire Ketamine Infusions by Idaho PLLCwho runs a clinic in Idaho Falls.

The institution should join Irwin Natural’s Genesisthe company’s national chain of psychedelic mental health clinics, as its first medical center in Idaho.

“We built our practice on the firm belief that we can help people who are suffering. Becoming a part of Irwin Naturals Emergence not only validates that belief, but allows us to be part of a network that makes these treatments available nationally behind a trusted brand,” said the founder of Ketamine Infusions Christina Stubs

Operating since early 2022, the Emergence chain is a wholly owned subsidiary of household brand Irwin Naturals, which has agreements that will add or have already added 11 clinics in six different states, including Ohio. VermontIowa, New Hampshire, Georgia and Florida.

By building a national chain, Irwin expects to offer efficiencies and benefit from economies of scale and the incorporation of its best brand practices.

“We provide a level of security just by being in this space. We’ve been safely taking care of your healthcare needs for 28 years and we will continue to do so with these new, life-changing treatments that are safe, effective and can bring relief to those in need,” he said Managing Director Klee Irwin.

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