Google settles US$85 million user privacy lawsuit in Arizona – Alphabet

Google settles US$85 million user privacy lawsuit in Arizona – Alphabet


  • alphabet inc WELL Google Google is paying the state of Arizona $85 million to settle a 2020 lawsuit it allegedly deceived users by recording their locations, even after they tried to turn off the company’s tracking on their smartphones and web browsers.
  • Google used the location information to sell ads for billions in profits, according to The Wall Street Journal reportsciting Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.
  • Most of the settlement money goes into a general government fund.
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  • Google denied any wrongdoing. Google filed similar lawsuits in Indiana, Texas, Washington State and Washington, DC courts
  • The General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg largely upheld a 2018 decision by the EU competition authority that fined Google $4.33 billion for allegedly abusing its dominant position in the market with its Android operating system for mobile phones.
  • Separately, a US federal judge dismissed the majority of Google’s motion to dismiss claims by a coalition of states alleging that Google abused its dominance in digital advertising tools.
  • Google held $125 billion in cash and equivalents as of this writing June 30th.
  • Price promotion: GOOG shares traded 0.87% lower at $100.76 on the latest premarket check Wednesday.

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