Ethereum Towers NFT Apartments announces live mining

Ethereum Towers NFT Apartments announces live mining


Ethereum Towers (, a community-centric vertical megastructure composed of 4,388 NFT apartments hosted in the upcoming Ethereum Worlds Metaverse is launching its next apartment NFT mint today (October 5, 2022). Ethereum Towers is a social platform built for non-gamers who enjoy the creativity of the metaverse without its complexity. Users can design, build, and furnish homes with easy-to-use building tools that require no coding or SDK experience.

It’s no well-kept secret that many leading metaverse protocols are currently struggling to maintain a balance between user engagement and incentives. Some do a better job than others, but they all generally work to avoid the same pitfalls: disjointed game mechanics, poor UI flow, untapped land assets, put off users, and just an overall lack of community integration, potential problems we have paid special attention to building the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse, said Jason Zemgulis, CEO of Ethereum Towers. We offer a completely different experience. While we address the pitfalls above, we also provide users with an intuitive set of design tools that are easy to learn, use, and navigate. This ease of use, coupled with streamlined game mechanics and an insightful UI, creates a soft entry point for a very large non-gaming community. This represents a huge opportunity in the next 2-3 years and Ethereum Towers is poised to capitalize on this opportunity and capitalize on it! With that, we were happy to open this current phase of minting to share our latest developments with our growing community.

The towers were designed by award-winning architects who replicated the design concept and shape of the DNA helix to symbolize the community woven into the Ethereum Towers DNA. Each NFT Apartment costs 0.2 ETH, and all Residents who Mint this round will receive a Genesis Metaverse Chest, a loot box-style gift that…


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