Simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €100,000
40 rue Eugène Jacquet – 59700 MARCQ-EN-BARŒUL
RCS Lille Metropole No. 919.894.634

(the ” company »)


The reference shareholders of GROUPE IRD announce the contribution of their holdings IRD ET ASSOCIATIONS, will be the initiator of a public takeover bid Targeting shares of GROUPE IRD at a price of €44.20 per sharefollowede a forced withdrawal

Marcq-en-Baroeul, October 5, 2022 – 7:00 p.m

IRD ET ASSOCIES, a simplified joint-stock company, is the beneficiary of obligations to make contributions in relation to 2,807,613 shares of GROUPE IRD, ie 96.71% of the share capital and voting rights of this company, from RESALLIANCE, GPI – CITE OF COMPANIES, CAISSE D’EPARGNE ET DE PREVOYANCE HAUTS DE FRANCE, GIPEL, HOLDING MALAKOFF HUMANIS, UNION OF THE TEXTILE AND CLOTHING INDUSTRY, COMPANIES AND TERRITORIES HDF, MEDEF METROPOLE LILLE, FDD COMPANIES AND CITIES, ALLIANCE EMPLOI and EMPLOYMENT & DISABILITY (the ” Reference Shareholders “). At the end of this transaction, it will notably exceed the threshold of 30% of the capital and voting rights of GROUPE IRD, which will trigger the obligation of IRD ET ASSOCIES to launch a public takeover bid for the shares of GROUPE IRD.

In this context, IRD ET ASSOCIES as initiator (the ” initiator “), the launch of a public takeover bid for shares in GROUPE IRD at a price of EUR 44.20 per share in GROUPE IRD (the ” offer »).

The offer follows the will of the reference shareholders to contribute their holdings to a holding company in order to strengthen governance. In addition, they noted that since its creation in 1956, GROUPE IRD has never approached the market, nor does it intend to do so, to finance its development, that its free float is extremely low and that the liquidity of the shares is almost …

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