InterDigital Announces Patent License Agreement – InterDigital

InterDigital Announces Patent License Agreement – InterDigital


WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — InterDigital, Inc. IDCCa mobile and video technology research and development company, announced today that it has entered into a patent license agreement with a major technology company.

About InterDigital®

InterDigital develops mobile and video technologies that form the core of devices, networks and services worldwide. We solve many of the industry’s most critical and complex technical challenges, inventing solutions for more efficient broadband networks, better video delivery, and richer multimedia experiences years ahead of market. InterDigital has licenses and strategic relationships with many of the world’s leading technology companies. InterDigital was founded in 1972 and is listed on the NASDAQ.
InterDigital is a registered trademark of InterDigital, Inc.

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