Trump ignores Hurricane Ian risks, refuses to postpone Florida

Trump ignores Hurricane Ian risks, refuses to postpone Florida


donald trump refused to stay the filing in a class action lawsuit alleging videophone-related fraud, even though opposing attorneys sought a stay over a Category 4 hurricane that struck the west coast of Florida on Wednesday.

What happened: While Trump’s lawyers opposed delaying testimony, lawyers for investors said questioning the former president under oath was dangerous in the face of the hurricane. reported Bloomberg.

The two sides reportedly fired letters to the court on Wednesday, with the judge eventually ordering both to agree on a new date for the deposition, adding that it must take place before October 31.

US District Judge Sarah Cave wrote that Hurricane Ian “has ravaged the Florida Peninsula with catastrophic storm surges, winds and flooding”.

“Under these conditions, it is uncertain whether Friday’s deposition could even come close,” she said.

The Investors’ Advocate Robert Kaplantold the judge that she offered to postpone testimony or have it moved from Mar-a-Lago to Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, but was turned down by the former leader’s attorneys, according to the report.

Trump’s attorneys suggested the testimony be held via videoconference, but Kaplan declined due to the amount of documents and videos she planned to use.

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Why it matters: In 2018, Trump and three of his eldest children were sued by four investors who said they were swindled into paying thousands of dollars to become independent sellers ACN Opportunity LLC, which sold a videophone promoted by Trump but has been overtaken by smartphones, according to Bloomberg.

Trump reportedly avoided impeachment for years but agreed this year after his failed attempt to dismiss the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that Trump advertised the video calling company on Celebrity Apprentice, starred in promotions and personally appeared at events for ACN, according to Bloomberg.

Trump is committed…

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