donald trump received a legal push after the Florida federal judge on Thursday Aileen cannon issue an order extending the period for review Materials confiscated from the former President’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

What happened: The Trump-appointed judge has also overruled some procedures proposed by the Brooklyn, New York-based special master in the documents case — the senior US District Court judge Raymond Dearieappointed by her at the request of the former President, reported Politically.

Cannon’s latest order means they are on a slower schedule for the Special Master’s document review and that their processing of objections to decisions made by Dearie would stretch into the new year, according to the report.

The Florida judge dismissed Dearie’s plan to require Trump to clarify upfront whether the CID’s inventory of the seized materials is accurate.

Dearie’s suggestion of dividing documents into sentences and treating objections sequentially was also dropped by Cannon. Instead, Trump’s side must say which documents are subject to attorney-client privilege or executive privilege by a specific date — most likely in early November, Politico reported.

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Why it matters: On Thursday, Trump’s lawyers defied Dearie’s orders to verify the list of confiscated items and stated their belief that the Special Master had no authority to require such submission.

Dearie had asked Trump’s team to complete the filing by Oct. 7, while attorneys said the volume of documents made it difficult for them to hire an outside provider to upload and host the documents.

Previously, the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit allowed the Department of Justice to do so pick up his probe again hacked into secret records obtained from Mar-a-Lago by crushing a denial from Cannon’s courtroom.

Trump had Cannon on Truth Social as…

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