Trump Attorneys Deny Special Master’s Order Review in Mar-A-Lago Case

Trump Attorneys Deny Special Master’s Order Review in Mar-A-Lago Case


donald trumpThe US President’s lawyers are opposing the order of the special representative in the Mar-a-Lago investigation to verify the accuracy of a list of confiscated items from the former President’s estate in Florida.

What happened: A letter filed by Trump’s attorneys, addressed to a senior US judge Raymond Deariedeclared the belief that the special master had no authority to request such a submission, reported Reuters.

The Sept. 25 letter reportedly said that the order to appoint Dearie, issued by a Trump-appointed Florida federal judge, only requires the government to make a statement on the inventory list, not Trump.

The lawyers said the volume of documents seized makes it difficult for them to hire an outside provider who can upload and host the documents for the parties involved to review, according to Reuters.

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Why it matters: Dearie had asked the Trump side to file her filing by Oct. 7 and has yet to deal with an appeal from the former US leader’s lawyers, Reuters noted.

The US this week Ministry of Justice submitted a revised list of goods confiscated from Mar-a-Lago and issued a statement that the new list was correct.

darling before raped the Trump attorneys and questioned claims the former president declassified all documents seized at his home.

Trump has previously praised judges Aileen cannon who called Dearie “brilliant and brave” in Truth Social.

Truth Social is part of Trump media and technology group (TMTG), which is to go public through a merger Digital World Acquisition Corp. DWAC.

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