Introducing Hanzo Illuminate

Introducing Hanzo Illuminate


New York, NY, September 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hanzoa technology pioneer creating solutions for corporate legal, governance and compliance teams to manage their complex collaboration and web-based data is proud to introduce Hanzo Illuminate. Hanzo Illuminateformerly Hanzo Hold, is an easy-to-use enterprise solution that enables organizations to keep data in place and efficiently and defensibly collect, explore, triage, analyze and export dynamic collaborative data, supporting e-discovery and investigation teams.

Corporate legal departments struggle to extract insights from collaboration and communication sources like Slack to make informed decisions and effectively manage risk. In line with Hanzo’s corporate vision to provide businesses with a single source of truth for their communications data, Hanzo Illuminate integrates the new intelligence function with Spotlight to provide data enrichment for collected data. This new capability enables corporate legal and investigative teams to quickly identify sensitive and unwanted content – and provides companies with a solution to understand the information as quickly as possible.

“Enabling customers to quickly understand their complex data and make informed decisions is business-critical,” said Julien Masanès, CEO of Hanzo. “We renamed Hanzo Hold to Illuminate because the solution does a lot more than just storing content and placing a hold. We wanted a name that represented the access, analysis and understanding that corporate legal departments would get from the solution. Hanzo Illuminate fits perfectly.”

Additionally, corporate legal departments face significant challenges in preserving complex corporate collaboration data and other SaaS system content for e-discovery and investigations. These systems often have insufficient APIs or data export methods to demonstrate the correct information, metadata, and context for justifiable disclosure and investigative response.

Hanzo Illuminate adds the industry-proven…

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