Gilead’s investigation reveals two kingpins directly related to it

Gilead’s investigation reveals two kingpins directly related to it


  • US District Judge Ann Donnelly has ordered several assets frozen related to individuals and entities accused of operating a US supply chain that distributes counterfeit bottles Gilead Sciences Inc GILD HIV medication.
  • in one expressionGilead has identified and named as defendants two individuals responsible for directing and orchestrating the counterfeiting system. The company initiated this lawsuit in July 2021 to stop the spread of counterfeits.
  • A court filing uncovered an operation that was “staggering in scope” and responsible for selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of counterfeit bottles of its top-selling drugs Descovy, Genvoya, Biktarvy and other drugs.
  • Reuters reported that in addition to the alleged kingpins, the case now includes alleged middle-level executives and a complex web of shell companies, distributors and pharmacies.
  • Gilead’s investigation revealed that these two kingpins directed the original sale of the counterfeits through suppliers established solely to sell counterfeit drugs.
  • The company claimed the counterfeiters sold their HIV medication with fake documentation, altered packaging and fake pills, including an over-the-counter pain reliever and an antipsychotic instead of the HIV medication.
  • Price promotion: GILD shares closed at $63.93 on Wednesday.

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