H2 Clipper’s latest patent improves the structure and functionality of

H2 Clipper’s latest patent improves the structure and functionality of


SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — H2 Clipper, Inc., an aerospace and alternative energy company developing uniquely capable hydrogen-powered airships and end-to-end hydrogen infrastructure solutions, announces that it has been granted US Patent 11,396,356 B2 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). became. The patent entitled “Method and apparatus for lighter-than-air airships with improved structure and delivery system,” includes an improved structural design for H2 Clipper’s operation Pipeline in the Sky hydrogen-powered airships. In particular, the patent deals with autonomous and remote controlled operation.

In the new patent, the novel exoskeleton is connected to a nose cone that contains a cockpit cabin to control the airship’s operations from a single location that can be physically separated from the exoskeleton in the remote event of a catastrophic incident, and for autonomous and/or remotely piloted operation. An improved means of landing and offloading cargo is also provided, and through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the airship is specifically designed to efficiently pick up, transport, deliver and return payloads from a remote point of origin where such payloads are desired are. This construction is particularly useful for picking up, transporting, and delivering goods made in remote locations to high-density areas.

Rinaldo S. Brutoco, Founder and CEO of H2 Clipper, said, “This latest patent brings us one step closer to bringing to market an economical and effective method of transporting liquid hydrogen from locations where it can be produced using clean renewable energy, directly to areas of high energy demand With increased global demand for hydrogen and the recently enacted inflation mitigation law that will help the US fight climate change over the next decade, we believe now is the time for H2 Clipper to play a key role the elimination of transport to play “bottleneck” holds back…

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