As Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, postpones statements, the legal fraternity is cautious

As Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, postpones statements, the legal fraternity is cautious


The long awaited deposit of Elon Musk in which Twitter Inc. TWTR The lawsuit has been delayed, according to multiple reports citing sources.

What happened: According to a, Musk is now set to be discontinued at an unspecified time in the future Bloomberg Report. The original schedule called for a two-day filing, beginning Monday, with the possibility of it being extended through Wednesday, according to court filings.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawals The questioning by Musk’s lawyers, which was supposed to take place on Monday, has also been postponed, according to a report. Agrawal canceled the 10-hour interrogation in San Francisco at short notice for personal reasons, Business Insider reported.

The report also states that if Musk’s personal testimony is to be postponed, it likely won’t take place in Delaware, where it was originally scheduled.

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The annulment of the two affidavits caused a stir about a possible out-of-court settlement between the two parties.

Why it matters: Musk is known for his scathing attacks on opposing attorneys and his insults when interrogated under oath in the past. Reuters reported. He had previously described opposing lawyers as “reprehensible”.

The billionaire entrepreneur even asked a lawyer whose client was allegedly in arrears on child support payments: “So you probably have a stopgap or take the kid’s money. Which is it?”

Keeping Musk focused on answering questions could be challenging and akin to “trying to hold a tiger by its tail,” said James Morsch, a corporate litigator, according to the Reuters report.

The report also cited a 2019 filing by Musk in the lawsuit Tesla Inc TSLA SolarCity acquisition, in which he refused to answer a question about the wording five times.

Twitter is trying to determine that Musk has squirmed out…

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