Standing Disabled Trike & Adaptive Mobility Exercise Bike

Standing Disabled Trike & Adaptive Mobility Exercise Bike


The new stock offers customers three sizes to choose from: Happy Small, Small and Medium. All sizes can carry a maximum weight of 120 kg (265 lbs) and differ only in the measurements of the inseam (the length of the legs).

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With the new inventory, people living with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, CMT, arthritis, spinal cord injuries or a stroke can learn to be active again. Because the balance bike has no pedals, it forces the user to exercise their legs while providing enough support to avoid falls.

The Alinker is specially designed to make walking easier and less painful. However, users are reminded that it may take some time to get used to the new mode of transportation. The custom-designed balance bike engages different muscle groups that have not been used for a while, and steady and gradual training is recommended. Over time, movement becomes easier and walking becomes more comfortable.

BE Alink designed the Alinker to provide three benefits. First, it tries to encourage people with a disability to stay active despite their condition. Often people with an illness are too embarrassed, tired or uninterested to go outside. With the Alinker, users can go outside whenever they want and be active members of society.

Second, Alinker promotes emotional well-being. Users of the product have indicated that being able to walk around their neighborhood and use their legs properly has increased their self-esteem and reduced their risk of depression.

Finally, Alinker helps users regain their freedom. People with restricted mobility can now move around rooms independently and are not dependent on a caregiver.

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One of the company’s core beliefs is to change the way society views disability. Most medical devices are seen as technical solutions for a body with a “problem”. However, Alinker believes…

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